In the box. Out of the box. We’ll even create the box. If you are in need of ideas and creative direction 3D can meet those needs.

We specialize in the seemingly improbable jobs and thrive on the challenges that come with them. We exercise and stretch our creativity to bring to life our customers ideas.

First instance: We were approached by a customer and asked to create, build, and install 14 exhibits that would communicate good health, hygiene, and have an emphasis on mental, physical, and emotional engagement. With no other direction or ideas our team worked together to create each exhibit that is on display and used daily at the Susan P. Byrnes Health Education Center in York, Pennsylvania.

Second Instance: Another customer asked us to create something fun that fostered teamwork and communication between children. The client had no drawings, dimensions, or concept of what they wanted. We were given a budget to work within and came up with a concept that allows children working together to control a bulldozer. The EdVenture Bulldozer requires two children sitting side by side for it to function. Both children have to work together by manually rotating the gear controls that are connected to the wheels. Once the bulldozer is in motion the objective is to move about the room collecting foam rocks and pushing them into a receiving bin. This exhibit is both fun and instrumental in building communication, cooperation, and teamwork.